Resolution in Support of the Driscoll Boycott

Whereas over 80,000 indigenous farmworkers from Oaxaca, Geuerro, Chiapas, Tabasco, and Vera Cruz, Mexico, pick berries for Andrew & Williamson, BerryMex, and numerous growers in the San Quintin valley of Baja California while Driscoll corporation buys, packs, and distributes these berries in the U.S., and

Whereas since March 2015 San Quintin farm workers conducted strikes and mass mobilizations demanding an increase in wages from 100 to 300 pesos per day, an 8-hour workday, overtime, healthcare, vacation, an end to sexual abuse of workers, and legal recognition of their independent union (Alianza) as representative of Alianza farmworkers who pick fruit primarily for export to the U.S. under Driscoll label through Mexican subsidiary BerryMex while these very growers refuse to negotiate fair labor contract, and

Whereas the San Quentin farmworkers live in rat-infested makeshift camps in make-do shelters of cardboard boxes, plastic tarps, and sticks with no functioning toilets or proper water resources, farmworker wages are illegally withheld, they’re gouged by overpricing at company stores, and they’re subjected to inadequate piece rates & retaliation for their efforts to improve living & working conditions; and that in California, the State Board of Food and Agriculture protects the health and welfare of California citizens, while in San Quintin farmworkers have no such protection from exposure to the spraying of dangerous carcinogenic pesticides on the berries that result in diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, skin rashes, and respiratory problems;

Therefore be it resolved the Davis College Democrats support the San Quintin farm workers’ demand of a union contract and recognize Alianza as a union, and the boycott of Driscoll berries.

Samip Mehta, DCD Active Member
Elizabeth Oramas Diaz, DCD Active Member

*Approved by a general membership vote on 11/8/2017