Resolution in Support of Survivors of Sexual Assault

Whereas sexual assault, harassment, and other forms of misconduct, hereafter referred to as sexual misconduct, are horrendous, dehumanizing crimes that permanently affect survivors; and

Whereas there have been recent allegations of sexual misconduct against the California Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman; and

Whereas the events reported in these allegations are said to have occurred during state party events and the survivors are our fellow California Democrats; and

Whereas sexual misconduct, especially when perpetrated by figures in leadership roles, contributes to a culture that permits and celebrates such behavior; and

Whereas male-identifying survivors of sexual misconduct experience a unique form of mistreatment as a result of coming forward with their allegations and, as a result, are hesitant to come forward at all; and

Whereas our Party stands for progressive values, feminism, and human rights; and Whereas our Party is strongly opposed to sexual misconduct of all forms;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Davis College Democrats condemn sexual misconduct, affirm our belief and support in sexual misconduct survivors of all identities, and henceforth will develop a procedure for a zero tolerance policy for any form of sexual misconduct within our organization.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Davis College Democrats will create a committee, consisting of individuals in the general membership, to draft a bylaw amendment detailing this policy to be presented at the first general meeting of Winter Quarter.


  • Daniel Tillman, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair
  • Maiya De La Rosa, DCD Womxn’s Caucus Interim Chair, DCD President
  • Alexandra Meyer, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Vice Chair, Director of Membership
  • Kevin Rotenkolber, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Vice Chair, Director of Finance
  • Emily Jones, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member, Director of Political Affairs
  • Ko Ser Lu Htoo, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member
  • Francisco López-Montaño, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member
  • Jumoke Maraiyesa, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member
  • Molly Mermin, DCD Womxn’s Caucus Member
  • Brooke Pritchard, DCD Womxn’s Caucus Member
  • Aurora Schünemann, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member
  • Rina Singh, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member
  • Matthew Tam, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member
  • Nico Valone, DCD LGBTQ+ Caucus Member

*Unanimously approved by a general membership vote on 12/5/2018.