Resolution in Opposition to Campus Police Militarization

Whereas campus police departments were founded with the alleged purpose of providing less brutal security on college campuses;Whereas the militarization of police in general poses a threat to human life, particularly to systematically oppressed disabled individuals, LGBTQIA individuals, and people of color; andWhereas campus police in particular have engaged in the brutalization and killing of students; now, therefore, be itResolved that the Davis College Democrats:

  1. opposes the militarization of campus police departments and police departments in general;
  2. advocates for the disarmament of police forces on all UC campuses; and
  3. supports the disarmament campaign locally in cooperation with Students and Workers Ending Racial Violence.

Perrin Swanlund DCD President 2017-2018
Francisco López-Montaño DCD Director of Membership 2017-2018 *Approved by a general membership vote on 4/25/2018