Executive Director

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Evan Cragin

The Executive Director shall:

Maintain internal communications of the Davis College Democrats;

The Executive Director will serve as the primary person to organize publicity for club events;

Coordinate all record keeping related to DCD; such as clippings, photos, etc.;

Maintain a DCD sign-up list and regular membership lists;

Maintain an updated list of e-mail addresses of all interested students (members and non) and be responsible for posting important notices;

Draft and send weekly emails and Social media posts to the membership of DCD including within them the upcoming week’s agenda, events of relevance to the community, and internship or job opportunities for members;

Maintain committee lists and contact information;

Solicit progress reports from committee chairs as requested/needed;

Maintain oversight over the Democratic Issue Group Co-Chairs;

Propose any agenda amendments or additions to general meetings at their discretion;

Gather emergency information (contacts, medical conditions, insurance, etc.) prior to any DCD trips;

Perform such duties as the Executive Board or President may assign or are customarily performed by a Secretary;

Act as a facilitator for the other Directors and the President, including but not limited to local event coordination, etc.;

Maintain DCD Alumni relations, which could include a quarterly newsletter;