Director of Membership

Francisco López Montaño


Francisco CYD TahoeFrancisco J. López-Montaño is a second year political science and economics double major with a Spanish minor here at UC Davis. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico to a wonderful family. As an immigrant from a third world country with a broken government as the Mexican government, his interest in politics was piqued in elementary school when a war against organized crime created a massive boom in homicides and gang related violence in Mexico. He’s lived more than 2/3rds of my life as an immigrant is a fierce advocate for the Latino, LGBTQ and undocumented communities. As Director of Membership and an Executive Board Member of D.C.D., his current focus is solidifying DCD’s local presence at the University on a strong intra-campus network with other organizations at UC Davis. Additionally, he is working to nurture innovative, creative, and effective forms of outreach while overseeing their successful implementation in the long run. He is a fierce advocate of the strength of young Democrats to make the party representative of younger and more diverse sections of our population.

The Director of Membership shall:

Actively organize for the recruitment and the retention of new members;

Maintain contact on both a club and a personal level with new members;

Coordinate membership drives and member outreach efforts. This includes tabling, active recruitment activities, etc.;

Organize a DCD Mentors program when practicable;

Act as the primary point of contact between the Davis College Democrats and other Registered Student Organizations at UC Davis;

Perform such duties as the Executive Board or President may assign.