Director of Finance

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Yesenia Valencia

The Director of Finance shall:

Direct all fundraising activities and review all fiscal decisions;

Pursue an active role in fundraising for the club and making contracts with outside funding sources;

Maintain complete records of all expenditures and receipts;

Coordinate Club reimbursement procedure;

Act as DCD official liaison to the Federal Elections Commission, the California Fair Political Practices Commission, the Davis City Clerk (concerning campaign finance laws), and with all financial institutions that we maintain funds with. Especially important to this duty is the filing of Form 460 and 410 with the California Fair Political Practices Commission twice a year on January 15th and July 31st;

Meet with the Executive Board prior to every quarter to plan and review the financial status of the forthcoming quarter’s activities;

Discuss the current financial status at each Executive Board meeting;

Perform such duties as the Executive Board or President may assign or are customarily performed by a Treasurer.