ICYMI: Fairfield Daily Republic reports: “State Senate candidates meet for initial debate”

In case you missed it, the Fairfield Daily Republic reported today that the Davis College Democrats hosted the first debate for Democratic candidates for District 3’s California State Senate race yesterday, on November 18, 2015.

A regular feature of campaign seasons, the forum is intended to best inform the members of the Davis College Democrats for endorsements later in the year.

Below is an excerpt from the piece: 

As members of the Davis College Democrats took turns asking questions of the candidates, it became clear they hold many similar views.

With regard to the rising cost of higher education, Dodd said, “the UC system needs to start zero-basing their budgets.”

He said he would tell the UC regents, “We want you to start at zero so we understand what you’re spending the money on, and you understand what you are spending money on.”

Yamada pointed to the recent higher education analysis done by the Legislative Analyst’s Office that “contains a lot of useful information about how financing should be redone for education.”

“I would propose (college funding be) like a home mortgage,” she said. “We should discuss how we can guarantee what you would pay for your education for two to four years. The mortgage company can do it, the great minds here can do it.”

To read the entire piece and see the photo slideshow, please click here: http://www.dailyrepublic.com/news/vacaville/state-senate-candidates-meet-for-initial-debate/ 

About Davis College Democrats:

The Davis College Democrats aim to educate the voting population, deflate youth apathy, foster student leadership, and work towards the betterment of our society. The Davis College Democrats are located at the University of California at Davis.